Progress is Not Linear

Progress is not linear

Progress is not linear.

Sometimes we have days where a moderate workout weight feels heavy for us, or our 400m run time is slower than it usually is. This does not mean we are any less fit. Many factors could be contributing to an “off” day.

How was your sleep last night?
Are you working out at your regular time?
Has your food/water intake been regular over the past few days?
Have you gone through a recent stressful event?
Is work busier than normal?
How are the kids? New pet?
Ladies, what part of your cycle are you in?

Improving our fitness does not meant that we will make visible or performance gains every single day. Improving fitness means consistently showing up and putting in the work everyday.

If your gymnastics feels “off” or the weight feels heavier than it should, work through it. Talk to a coach about finding a way to still hit the intended stimulus (modify reps/movements, scale weights, etc.) and you will still be on your path of progress!

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