Here’s What Happens When We Start Saying, “I Can”

I can

Our mindset is significantly impacted by the self-talk we use before, during, and after works outs. Whether it is intentional or not, we all have small conversations in our head throughout the day and especially while in the gym. When we are faced with a challenge, it can be easy to talk yourself out of hanging on to the barbell for another rep, picking the dumbbells up to start another round of walking lunges, or getting yourself up off of the ground mid-burpee. Some things you say to yourself might sound like “this is too hard,” “I’m never going to finish this,” “I still have x number of reps left,” etc. When you hear that voice start up, think about some other things you can say to yourself (even if it feels like you’re lying at first- There is some validity to the “fake it ‘till you make it approach!)


“I can do 5 more reps.”

“I only have 1 round left.”

“I’ve gotten through this before.” (a good one for our benchmark workouts when you know exactly what kind of pain to expect)

This particular instance of positive self-talk can (and should) start before the workout. This week, in addition to changing the conversation in your head during the workout, let’s also try to change the conversation at the whiteboard. We KNOW these workouts are hard already, that’s why we do this. Sitting down at the whiteboard and saying “this is going to be awful” is just as ridiculous as ordering the hottest wings on the menu and saying “wow these are so spicy.” Instead of stating the obvious, let’s try to find a highlight in the workout that you’re looking forward to, even if it feels sick and twisted!

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