Dedication vs. Motivation: Does One Matter More When it Comes to Fitness?

Motivation is our internal thought process that plays a role in propelling us to act in one way or another. Motivation could sound like, “I’m motivated to work out because it sets a good example for my kids,” or “Thinking about losing weight motivates me to get to the gym.”

While motivation is helpful and crucial in one day meeting our goals, motivation “comes and goes,” and can dwindle over time. Have you ever said the words, “I’m just not feeling motivated today?” Maybe you worked through that and went to the gym anyway, but that doesn’t mean anything about your motivation changed. What that means is that you are dedicated to your routine and ultimately your goals.

Dedication is commitment. Dedication is external and is reflected in the behaviors we engage in on a daily basis. Dedication might sound like, “I would really love to lay in bed for 20 more minutes, but I am dedicated to my health so I’m going to get out of bed and get to the gym,” (yes, probably in far fewer words, but you get the gist).

On days when your motivation seems cloudy, dedication is what keeps you on track.

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