How can the 2 Day Rule Help me with my Fitness Goals?

First, what even is the 2 Day rule? The 2 Day rule, coined by Matt D’Avella, is an idea that when building a habit, you should never miss 2 days (or opportunities for the habit) in a row. This behavior lies at the core of establishing consistency.

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If you want to create a habit of eating healthier, we know it is not realistic to say that you will never eat a treat again or have a meal that doesn’t fall into the nutrient-dense category. However, what matters when establishing healthy habits is that you return to the habit after that one missed meal. If your breakfast does not meet your nutrition goals, make sure that your lunch and dinner do, then stay on track for the next day too so that you do not have 2 days in a row where you missed the mark on your meals.

This concept is even simpler for working out. Never miss 2 days in a row. If you take Sunday as a rest day, make sure you get into the gym on Monday. If work gets too busy and you can’t make it to the gym on Wednesday, hold yourself accountable to get there on Thursday! If there are multiple days in a row where you know you’ll be unable to physically get to the gym, make sure you have a plan in place for how you will meet your physical activity goals in another way on those days.

In short, never “miss” 2 meals or two workouts in a row and you will be on the road to consistency with your habits and therefore will be making progress toward your goals!

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