Are Healthy Habits Enough to Reach your Fitness Goals?

Meal plans, supplements, burning calories, cleanses, macro tracking, the keto diet, etc.—where do you start if you want to lose weight and increase fitness?

Here’s the truth: The world of fitness and nutrition can be very confusing, and there are lots of too-good-to-be-true promises and outright lies. It’s no wonder many people struggle with fitness.

If you’re looking for the short answer: Simple healthy habits can help you move toward your goals.

In fact, you can take some simple steps today and you’ll be on the right track toward progress. Below are a few things you can do right now if you want to lose weight and progress toward fitness goals.  If it all seems “too easy,” remember, simple habits are sustainable habits and consistency with habits produces long-term progress.

Are healthy habits enough

Fitness Habit 1: Get Moving

You don’t need to complicate things if you’re just starting out. If you are not going to a gym regularly yet, first just focus on getting moving. If you’re already moving every day, increase the amount a little bit. Movement will help you burn calories and get your metabolism going.

Here are a few ideas for adding general movement every day:

  • Go for a short walk twice a day (I know, it’s winter. Walk around your building at work, the mall, find an indoor track, etc.)
  • Spend time doing yard work (there’s lots of shoveling to be done today!) or tackling an indoor project that requires movement
  • Play a sport (even if that means kicking a ball with your child or grandchild)
  • Pick up a ball, racket or club and head to the park or field
  • Get on a bike or into a canoe or kayak in the warmer weather
  • Use the stairs at work any time you have to go to another floor or walk the stairs on a break

Try to do something every day and give yourself a checkmark on a whiteboard, calendar, or in a notebook every time you do an activity. It is proven that positive reinforcement aids in building habits and this will also help to maintain accountability.

Once you get a string of days with activity, you’ll have confidence and momentum to start adding in workouts into your week. Consider a FREE consultation with us at Bionic Crossfit to discuss how to reach your goals

If you are already a member and are looking to continue progressing on your fitness journey, increase the number of days you get to the gym from 2 to 3-5. Consistency with working out is essential in making progress toward goals.

Fitness Habit 2: Focus on Vegetables and Lean Protein

Improving your diet can be very simple. Most people eat too many carbs and too much fat. Here are some simple steps to follow to adjust your eating habits and progress toward your fitness goals.

First, fill half your plate with vegetables at every meal. Vegetables are packed with vitamins, nutrients and fibre and they don’t provide huge amounts of calories. They are nutritious and filling, more so than simple carbohydrates and will keep you feeling full for longer.

The other part of the plan: focus on lean protein. I do not mean a loaded up hamburger or deep-fried chicken. Things such as chicken breasts, ground turkey, eggs and egg whites, and fish are great and there are other options if you’d prefer not to eat meat.

Protein will help you fuel your body and build muscle and lean choices will ensure you don’t take in a lot of calories from fat.

Again, you can track your successes by giving yourself a checkmark every time a meal has veggies and lean protein. Now you have two habits to maintain and a system to track your consistency.

Once you have some momentum, you might want to fine-tune your plan and add in some other healthy habits in the kitchen. That’s where a pro comes in: we can suggest additional habits that will move you closer to your goals. Again, you can book a free consultation with us here

Simple and Effective

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all the noise, remember that fitness and nutrition don’t have to be complicated. At first, the key is to move a little more and eat a little better every day and then a professional can help you tailor your plan so you get the best results.

If you have any questions or want to talk more about weight loss, book a consultation here today. Then go shovel some snow and refuel with a nutrient-dense meal!

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