Do I Need to Trash my Goal and Start Over if I’ve Missed a Day?

Today’s Mindset Monday tip links back to last week (so make sure you read our blog!) about routines, habits, and consistency.

Part of being consistent with positive change includes understanding and accepting that these changes may be small. Some weeks we may even feel stagnant or as though we fell back. This DOES NOT mean we are not making progress and therefore we need to throw out our routine and start over. This means we need to be consistent. We need to continue on with this routine and despite having missed a day, we get right back into it. The longer we can maintain this consistency, the more engrained this routine will become in our brain, leading it to become habit.

Check in on your progress from last week- if you picked a routine to implement over the last week, how many days did you maintain this routine? On day(s) that you missed, do you know why?
After reflecting on your progress over the week, keep the momentum going. If you maintained your routine 2/7 days, this is NOT a failure. This is 2 more days than you had implemented your routine in the week prior. This week, aim for 3. Routines are most challenging in the beginning and this is when consistency and is most important. Use your missed day(s) as a learning opportunity and a catalyst for change.

Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time

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